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lowrypicWelcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show we’re talking with Dr. Jason Lowry. Dr. Lowry is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Dental. Dr. Lowry is also a practicing dentist that owns a very profitable, multimillion dollar dental office in small town USA: Kingman, Arizona. Dr. Lowry will go over just how he found his niche in dentistry and how you can find, advertise, and profit from your niche as well.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur.

More About This Show:

Dr. Jason Lowry attended The Ohio State University. He has a beautiful wife named Amy and four amazing children. Growing up Jason did not always want to be a dentist. After high school he knew he wanted to be in health care, but after spending time in South America after high school, found it hard to come back to those tough math and science classes. It was then Dr. Lowry decided to major in business and Spanish instead. Only months away from graduating he spoke with some friends and counselors and explained to them he just was not happy.

The counselors then set Jason up with a dentist to shadow. That was when Jason had his big moment. The dentist Jason was observing was working on a patient who had a cleft palate. This patient was only in his early 20’s and already had multiple surgeries. On the outside the patient looked good, but inside his mouth was a wreck. The dentist Jason was shadowing that day was doing a fixed anterior bridge and when the assistants were done with the temporaries the patient looked in the mirror and cried, he was so happy and grateful to have a smile. Jason knew then that dentistry was for him.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What Catalyst Dental is and how it has created huge profit for Dr. Lowry
  • Why dentists need to be proactive in getting their patients attention
  • Lowry’s view on niche dentistry and how to attract patients for those niches

Dr. Jason Lowry goes into detail on this episode about:

How Dr. Lowry found his niche in dental Implants. Dr. Lowry is constantly taking CE courses to further improve his skills and now can even do some of the hardest implant cases. Dr. Lowry’s practice however resides in small town. The population in Kingman is about 35,000 and it is a very blue color town with not a lot of money coursing through its veins.

Dr. Lowry found a way to advertise his niche, which happens to be one of the mostly costly procedures to the patients, in a way where patients are lined up to get their dental implants.

Dr. Lowry is the founder of Catalyst Dental which has brought his numbers from 5 implants a month in 2011 to 26+ in 2013, once he really got Catalyst Dental up and going.

What is Catalyst Dental?

  • Catalyst Dental is a seminar kit that Dr. Lowry created for his patients to inform them about dental implants.
  • The seminars are similar to a lunch and learn style presentation, and all patients or non patients are invited
  • The kit contains a 40 page color A-Z guide on how to get started and set up the implant seminars for your office
  • 2 CDs explain how to set up the room for these seminars and exactly how to market them
  • 40 slide power point presentation to show at the seminars
  • Checklist to follow up with all patients and potential maybes, so that you do not let any potential patients slip through the cracks

These seminars have helped bring Dr. Lowry’s office to become the profitable office it is today. They also take the time to truly inform your patients of the procedure and the benefits of doing it.

There is a whole lot of great information on this episode, thanks to Dr. Jason Lowry. As always thanks for joining us. See you next time on The Dentalpreneur podcast.


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