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mark-best-2-400Welcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show I am sharing an excerpt from a keynote presentation I made in San Diego, CA.

On today’s show I discuss a case study of one of my clients; Dr. Tim. Dr. Tim has been at his practice for 25 years, of those years he owned the practice for the last 23 years. For many of those years Dr. Tim experienced a steady and reliable increase of income. In the last 4 years his practice has demonstrated a steady decline in income as well as a high turnover in personnel. In this excerpt, I focus on the difference between a staff dependent business and a system dependent business and the benefits and drawbacks of each. I also discuss the absolute importance of staff accountability and how to implement that accountability into any dental practice.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The dangers of a completely staff dependant practice
  • How to ensure your staff is providing a lifetime patient experience
  • Why you should create and implement an organizational flow chart
  • The importance of developing accountability for your staff and sticking to it

Special thanks to you for joining us. See you next time on The Dentalpreneur podcast!


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