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027-mike-fWelcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show I am speaking with to Mike DiFrisco. Mike is the Chief Marketing Officer for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, founder of, author of How to craft a R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Brand for your Dental Practice, The Do-It Yourself Manual for Building Your Dental Practice and Shadow Casting, Growing Your Business by Growing Your Reputation.

Growing up in the dental industry Mike knows firsthand the challenges dental offices face in branding and marketing. He shares how the acronym R.A.D.I.C.A.L. represents what he feels are the seven key principles in dental office branding. Mike’s experience working with the A.A.C.D. has given him the opportunity to see the marketing needs of dentists around the world. He explains that targeting your ideal patient in your marketing efforts can help to attract a higher quantity and quality of patients.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • R.A.D.I.C.A.L. principles and how they can set your brand apart
  • How embracing the strategies your competition ignores can give you a competitive advantage
  • The importance of building your reputation while building your business
  • How to define and connect with your target audience

Special thanks to Mike DiFrisco for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me on today’s show. Thanks to you for joining us on another episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast.

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