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howard farranWelcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. Today I am sharing a recent interview I gave with Dr. Howard Farran on the podcast Howard Speaks. Howard is one of the most influential people in the dental profession today. He is a practicing general dentist, an international keynote speaker, founder and publisher of Dental Town Magazine/website, author and podcast host.

In this interview Howard gets in depth with me on my business plan for effectively competing with the larger corporate dentistry market. We discuss how to find and establish a successful and well trained staff, including how to lead that team effectively to maximize their full potential. We also break down managing cash flow and overhead control by establishing incentives with the staff to be accountable for overhead expenses and finding the best deals with suppliers and buying clubs. Finally we share how I was able to create additional income within my dental practice by operating a dental assisting school during the off hours.
All of that and more on today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to leverage supply buying power by using a buying club
  • Why operating a dental assisting school can be both additional income for a practice and a great way to train and recruit excellent staff
  • How to measure the success of a marketing strategy or tactic

Special thanks to Dr. Howard Farran for having me on his podcast as a guest. Thanks to you for joining us on another episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast.


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