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Half Million Dollar HIPAAWelcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. Joining us today is Dr. Lorne Lavine.

Dr. Lavine is the president and founder of The Digital Dentist, an information technology firm that offers consulting, products and services for dentists. Lorne is a graduate of U.S.C. and got his D.M.D. from Boston University. Dr. Lavine has written for a number of dental industry publications, speaks at dental events around the world and is a noted expert in the field of information technology.

Today Dr. Lavine shares with me how he got his start not only as a dentist then periodontist, also how he transitioned to the IT field and defined himself as the “go to” expert in the dental industry for IT systems and consulting. We discuss what it truly takes to be 100% HIPAA compliant and discover that a good portion of dentists are likely not as compliant as they think. Dr. Lavine defines what a dentist should look at before considering an upgrade or change in software products and services that will make them the most HIPAA compliant and what the catastrophic outcome could be if not prepared. He also shares a six step plan for determining what the best technology is for your office.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you should not assume you are HIPAA compliant
  • How you can be the most prepared for a HIPAA audit
  • The best way to prepare and keep your Policies and Procedures Manual up to date
  • What types of dental practice software that are available and what services you can or should have with your technology
  • The huge penalties you may face for not being HIPAA compliant

Special thanks to Dr. Lorne Lavine for taking time out of his busy day to speak with me on today’s show. Thanks to you for joining us on another episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast.

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