Today I’m interviewing Erick Joseph of Renaissance Electronic Services.

Renaissance is a 2016 Inc. 5000 dental technology company that processes over 35% of all dental claims nationally. They have a network of more than 28,000 dental offices, 600 insurance companies and 160 employees.

So one of the first steps, at least in the US, is verifying insurance benefits. In this episode, we discuss which sort of questions offices should be asking if they are verifying benefits in-house.

We also discuss

  • the average time to process a claim and what dental practices can do to ensure that their claims are processed quickly
  • what are the top reasons a claim gets rejected
  • in addition to processing claims more quickly, we discuss the other benefits of sending statements electronically
  • some key things insurance companies wish dental practices knew
  • how dental practices can be more efficient in insurance management

We also discuss if dentists are just getting started with filing electronic claims what do you think matters most and why. Which mistakes dentists make and how can they avoid them, and much more!

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