Robert is a pharmacist who works directly with pharmacy owners to transform their businesses by improving operational efficiency, creating remarkable patient experiences, and utilising smart technology.

He is a 2nd generation pharmacist, and has been in the industry for 16 years working across community, hospital, and international practice settings. He is the host of the world’s #1 Pharmacy & Technology Podcast show the ‘Transpharmation Show’, Editor in Chief of ‘Transpharmation’ Magazine, and the author of ‘Transpharmation’.

To enable pharmacy owners to maximise their success potential, Robert’s company Pharmactive launched the 12month Transpharmation Program, which is especially suitable to pharmacy owners (and their teams) who are willing to be challenged, get innovative, and be held accountable to a new level of performance.

Robert believes that every pharmacist deserves the opportunity to reconnect with their passion for primary healthcare, while also creating the freedom to design their lifestyle both in and out of the pharmacy.

In this episode we talk about:

How did Rob Sztar end up to a Pharmacy career?
A Technology Based Business
His passion on bringing the best of what the technology can bring to Pharmacy Industry
The whole different level of understanding the Pharmacy in terms of its growth
Their pharmacy advice can give to the patients to stay healthy for as long as possible
Standing out from the competitors
The challenges of Pharmacist in today’s age
The importance of really looking into deep to the communities to connect in order to thrive
Their best practices and systems in helping their patients’ concerns in terms of their health conditions
The time, effort, and the value they are offering to their customers to enable to continually grow
The Automated Robotics Machine
The Pharmacist Roles
The Transaction model and a relational model
Winning the high volume of transaction
Recognizing the other key opportunities
How the businesses evolve and change?

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