Should You Make Roth or Traditional 401K Contributions?

Dr. Dahle get lots of questions from readers about whether or not they should take advantage of their new Roth 401K (or 403B) option or keep contributing to a traditional 401K. They’re usually looking for an easy, straightforward answer. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. In this podcast Dr. Dahle discusses the important things you should be considering as you make this decision. If you found this podcast useful, visit our blog at for more personal finance and investing information. Find an engaging and helpful community in our forum at

This episode is sponsored by Physician on Fire. Physician on Fire is a multimillionaire and an anesthesiologist in his early 40s who is on the verge of retirement. He has taken the concepts used by FIRE enthusiasts for years: frugality, budgeting, conscious spending, intelligent investing, mobile lifestyles, and an appropriate retirement spending plan and applied them to a physician career track and income. Check it out today at

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