Dr Darren Delaney is an entrepreneur with a medical background. He has incredible insight into what makes businesses successful including mindset and practical tools that you can put to use in your own practice. Delaney is the the CEO & Founder of The Flight Doc. He is an expert frequent flyer and passionate about helping people achieve their travel aspirations.

What it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit and what disruption looks like
Both his successes and massive mistakes when he started his entrepreneurial journey
The importance of massive imperfect action
How to grow your team
The importance of not outsourcing responsibility
Why being a trend spotter makes for a better business person
And the importance of cash flow with some tips for managing it well
Where to find Darren Delaney

Website: www.theflightdoc.com

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/pub/darren-delaney/4b/34a/7b1

Twitter: http://twitter.com/theflightdoc

Facebook: http://fb.com/theflightdoc

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