Fixed versus Variable Rates– Which is Better for Your Mortgage or Student Loan Refinance?

There is a natural hesitancy to having a variable rate loan, because it creates uncertainty in the future. However, it is still often the correct choice in many situations. The real question is not “variable vs. fixed” but rather “variable vs. variable plus an insurance policy.” Listen to the podcast to help you make this important decision. If you found this podcast useful, visit our blog at for more personal finance and investing information. Find an engaging and helpful community in our forum at

Today's podcast is sponsored by Credible, a marketplace for student loan refinancing. In less than 2 minutes, Credible allows you to compare personalized offers from up to 7 vetted lenders. It's absolutely free to use and requires no hard credit check — what have you got to lose? 90 seconds is all it takes to see how much you can save. Plus, White Coat readers will receive $350 when they refinance through That's

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