August 2019 Dental Podcast Roundup

Hello fellow dental podcast listeners. 

With August over, summer has come and gone. September is a notoriously slow month for many dental practices which has earned this month the nickname of “Sucktember”. If you find yourself a little less busy during back-to-school season, you can use that time to catch up on some of our favorite podcast episodes from August. Here are five episodes worth listening to: 

  1. It’s associate hiring season with the Dental Amigos. In this episodes, the hosts talk about jobs, contacts, employers, and employees. If you’re in the market for an associate or an associate looking for a gig, here’s what you need to know:
  2. Remember Dental Town? The Dental Hacks and friends take a stroll down memory lane and discuss the evolution of social media:
  3. If you’re a general dentist thinking about incorporating orthodontics into your practice, Ortho Brain is an interesting concept. Listen in to the Dental Guys discussion with the founder:
  4. Wondering what to do with your money? Confused about what the stock market is? Here’s a basic “Meat & Potatoes” episode about investing in the stock market:
  5. Are you thinking about buying an existing dental practice? Listen in to Johnathan Vanhorn’s August episode where he talks to Paul Sletten, founder of the Sletten group, about dental practice transitions: