February 2020 Round-Up

February came to an end quickly, and there are more podcasts to discuss. Dr. Tim Chipps has launched a podcast called the Dental Professional Confessional. Much of what we read in Facebook groups and on Dental Town is about high-flying dentists having their “best month ever”. But, it’s not easy-street after graduation and it’s refreshing to hear some honest discussion between two dentists about their struggles to get started.

You can listen to the episode below: https://overcast.fm/+XoRjCWS_s

The Art of Dental Finance is an older podcast, but we have not added it to the directory yet. Adding this podcast to the directory is on our to-do list in March which is good timing because the podcast’s host – Art Wiederman, CPA – recently changed the name of the podcast to The Art of Dental Finance and Management that’s in partnership with Decisions in Dentistry (a trade magazine for dental professionals). This is an interesting development in my opinion as it highlights that more traditional print publications are noticing the power of podcasts within our profession. You can learn more about that partnership in this episode: https://dentalfinance.libsyn.com/how-to-build-and-train-a-team-with-josie-sewell

For students curious about democratic candidates’ proposed policies on student loans may be, you can listen to this episode of the Student Loan Planner using the audio linked below.

Another new podcast released this year is Dr. Paul Goodman (co-host of the Dental Amigos podcast and founder of Dental Nachos) released a bite-sized podcast called Talking Nachos with Dr. Nacho. You can listen in to these episodes here:

Other great podcasts this month:

Here are 10 reasons why practices fail from Dr. Bette Robin: https://www.dentistryrising.com/podcast/episode/eeaf5d30/74-ten-reasons-practices-fail

Here are 5 tips for mastering your schedule with Gary Takacs: https://www.thrivingdentist.com/5-tips-to-master-scheduling/

Here are a few thoughts about how to handle angry patients with Dr. Mark Costes and a panel of guests: https://www.truedentalsuccess.com/the-dentalpreneur-podcast/849-handling-angry-patients-part-1/