In this episode, I speak to Dr Derek Mahony. Dr Mahony is a Sydney based Orthodontist who has spoken to thousands of practitioners about the benefits of interceptive orthodontic treatment. Dr. Mahony currently has over 3000 orthodontic patients in active treatment and has been a key note speaker at the International Orthodontic Summit meetings, the International Association of Orthodontics meetings, and the American Association of Functional Orthodontics meetings.

In this episode we chat about:
How Derek got his start in orthodontics
Finding an opportunity and acting on it
The importance of having a unique selling point
Hard work and luck
Being a disrupter in the orthodontics space
There’s enough work out there for everyone
Generosity and marketing
The rise of group practices
Why you need a Plan B outside Dentistry – like collectible cars
What trends Derek sees emerging in Australia
What opportunities there are in this time of change
Why you need to learn the art of delegation
The mistakes Derek has made and the key lessons he has learned
Building a team
Derek’s business and clinical mentors

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