Dr. Nate Farley is an outright nerd who found his passion in dentistry. He practices as a Prosthodontist at Gundersen Health Systems in Southwestern Wisconsin. He is originally from Northern California, completed his undergraduate degree at BYU before heading east to attend dental school at The Ohio State University, and stayed at OSU for his prosthodontic residency. There, he earned a Masters of Science with his thesis challenging the accuracy of CAD/CAM surgical guides against traditional guides used for implant placement. A couple of years into practice, he received board certification in Prosthodontics. As a true nerd, he loves to push the boundaries of digital dentistry through use of intraoral scanning, 3D modeling, virtual wax ups and implant planning, and in-office 3D printing. He taught himself web development while in his undergrad, created an online forum for his dental class to discuss concept and share files, co-created dentaltoons.com in dental school, co-created whatimplantisthat.com in his residency, and continues to build online dental resources through Infodontics, LLC, which he co-founded with Dr. Kent Howell. Outside work, Dr. Farley loves to hike, ride bikes, and build Legos with his wife and 3 kids.

Dr. Kent J. Howell is a Prosthodontist who maintains a specialty practice limited to Prosthodontics in Mesa, AZ. Dr. Howell attended Case School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland, OH and then completed a 3 year prosthodontic residency at The Ohio State University. During his residency, he earned an M.S. degree in the study of dental implants where his thesis challenged the accuracy of a new cad/cam technology called the Encode system from Biomet 3i. He is also the co-founder of Infodontics LLC, and co-creator of whatimplantisthat.com. Whatimplantisthat.com is a free online resource to aid in the identification of dental implants all over the world. There are over 900 implants found on the site and it has been available online since 2010. It was the inspiration for the FIRST mobile app for dental implant identification in the world, created and launched in 2013. Dr. Howell loves to play golf, restore smiles, and spend time with his family.


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