October 2019 Dental Podcast Roundup

This month, Scott McDonald over at Dr. Demographics talked about practicing in some of the most popular major metros. These are interesting episodes worth listening to if you’re a student or new dentist with geographic flexibility.

If you’re dreaming about transitioning your in-network PPO office to a fee-for-service office, the FFS podcast published a good episode about how Jason and Jen Tubo made the change. You can find this episode here: http://ffsdental.libsyn.com/ppo-to-ffs-success-story-part-1

If you’re thinking about introducing a new procedure into your practice, developing a strategy to roll out the new service is important. The Savy Dentist podcast talks about how to add a new service to an office here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7401788-how-to-introduce-a-new-clinical-procedure

Lastly, my favorite podcast this month was actually released on September 30th—it’s a discussion between Dr. Lee Madox and Dr. Bette Robin on the Dentistry Rising podcast. You can listen to their discussion here: https://www.dentistryrising.com/podcast/episode/ae8149e1/055-practice-transitions-with-lee-maddox

In other news, CNBC ranks orthodontics as the highest paying low-stress job in the United States…https://cnb.cx/30HoMbr

September 2019 Dental Podcast Roundup

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September is ending and October is beginning. This officially marks the end of Q3 and we hope that the rest of 2019 finishes strong.

  • Mark Costes talks about being over-leveraged while undergoing back surgery and how that affected him during his recovery. You can listen to this short episode here (the episode is only 6 minutes long, but highlights why diversifying your income and keeping your own lifestyle reasonable is important): https://www.truedentalsuccess.com/the-dentalpreneur-podcast/696-slave-to-the-hand-piece/
  • Howard Farran talks to Marc Novak about the benefits of an AEGD or GPR. This is a great episode for third or fourth-year dental students who are contemplating pursuing residency training before entering private practice: https://youtu.be/tLptw20RBXE
  • Scott McDonald’s Doctor Demographics is an excellent resource for young dentists or any dentist who is contemplating relocation. We often hear about how saturated a particular market is, but in this episode, Scott outlines 5 reasons to practice in Seattle, WA. If you’re contemplating practicing dentistry or doing business with dentists in Seattle and it’s surrounding suburbs, this episode is worth listening to:
5 Reasons to Practice in Seattle
  • Are you thinking about acquiring a dental practice or are you trying to learn more about how you can help a dentist acquire a practice? Listen to the Dental Amigos discuss best practices for financial due-diligence before buying a practice:
Beating Burnout Part 1

August 2019 Dental Podcast Roundup

Hello fellow dental podcast listeners. 

With August over, summer has come and gone. September is a notoriously slow month for many dental practices which has earned this month the nickname of “Sucktember”. If you find yourself a little less busy during back-to-school season, you can use that time to catch up on some of our favorite podcast episodes from August. Here are five episodes worth listening to: 

  1. It’s associate hiring season with the Dental Amigos. In this episodes, the hosts talk about jobs, contacts, employers, and employees. If you’re in the market for an associate or an associate looking for a gig, here’s what you need to know: https://soundcloud.com/user-657795389/episode-45-its-associate-hiring-season-dos-and-donts
  2. Remember Dental Town? The Dental Hacks and friends take a stroll down memory lane and discuss the evolution of social media: http://dentalhacks.libsyn.com/the-evolution-of-dental-social-media-dhp252
  3. If you’re a general dentist thinking about incorporating orthodontics into your practice, Ortho Brain is an interesting concept. Listen in to the Dental Guys discussion with the founder: http://thedentalguys.libsyn.com/episode-98-a-deep-dive-with-dr-dan-german-of-orthobrain
  4. Wondering what to do with your money? Confused about what the stock market is? Here’s a basic “Meat & Potatoes” episode about investing in the stock market: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/dentistmoney/Steak__Potatoes_2.0.mp3
  5. Are you thinking about buying an existing dental practice? Listen in to Johnathan Vanhorn’s August episode where he talks to Paul Sletten, founder of the Sletten group, about dental practice transitions: http://startyourdentalpractice.libsyn.com/how-to-acquire-a-dental-practice-successfully-with-paul-sletten

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