Ep 58 is an all girls slumber party with Michelle, Cyndee Johnson and Carrie Ibbetson fueled by Mood Swings Wine.

Listen this week as these three ladies learn more about the amazing wines from MoodSwingWine.com. They tackle a few articles that discuss managing the female dental patient and how puberty, oral contraceptives, and menopause can really affect a women’s oral health. There are few naughty words and lots of glass clinking as the ladies enjoy their Zinnopause wine. Get your wine at moodswingswine.com. Find cyndee Johnson at Scaler2schedule.com or email her at Cyndee@scaler2schedule.com Find Carrie at CarrieIbbetson.com or OralHealthCoaching.com Don’t forget to review us on iTunes and tell your friends about podcasting! While your at it, tag a student and get them excited about RDH life by listening to the podcast! Cheers!Original Article

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