Every practicing dentist is acutely aware of this unmistakable fact: If you are not sitting in the chair, PRODUCTION=ZERO . I had no idea that when I started dentistry that it meant that anytime a dollar was earned I needed to have gloves on and be in the trenches working in my practice instead of on my practice.

Every dentist dreams of going to the mailbox and getting a check without having to fix teeth. David Sewell from International Coffee Farms in Panama tells us how we can decrease our dependency and participate in a socially conscious, passive investment that results in you owning deed property with significant cash flow. This episode is way out of the norm for this podcast but I could not resist sharing.

I discovered this investment, I vetted them out and I converted a significant portion of my 401k into coffee farms. In fact my investment was big enough that I qualify for finders fees for new investors for ICF. The amount is insignificant to me but the investment can change my listeners lives so I felt compelled to share this with you.

For all the info on this please visit http://internationalcoffeefarms.com/getting-started. Now sit back and prepare to have your mind blown!

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