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Organized Content for Dentists

Our profession is changing rapidly, and podcasts have changed the way we learn about new products, procedures, courses, and services. This website is intended to curate content for dentists who enjoy dental podcasts, but do not have time to listen to every episode they subscribe to.

We curate content in three ways. First, we have a master list where we send an email newsletter at the beginning of each month that contains our favorite episodes and highlights from the previous month. Second, for students, young dentists, or dentists who are just starting to listen to dental podcasts, we create “greatest hits” for each year. Lastly, we compile lists of dental podcasts that address the same topic or guest. What this means is that if you want to quickly find a handful of great episodes about a specific topic or guest, we have taken the legwork out of searching the net for the content you are interested in.

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