How to Claim a Listing

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Step 1: Find your Podcast by visiting the directory and using the title search function. You can visit the directory here:

After searching for your podcast, if no results display it means that your podcast is not in our directory and you will need to submit a listing to include it. You can submit a your podcast here:

If your podcast is in our directory, select it by clicking on your podcast’s image.

Once the podcast’s page loads, click on “claim listing” button.

When you click the claim listing button, you’ll be prompted to either sign in to an existing account, or register for a new one. First time users will have to register for a free account, so click “register”.

When you click “register”, the registration form will appear. Complete the form, and then click “sign up”.

Once you have registered your account, you’ll be redirected to a page to select your package. There’s just one package to choose from and it’s forever free.

After claiming your listing, you’ll be redirected to your account where you can see the claim status. Claims have to be manually reviewed by our team and take several days. You’ll receive an email notification when your claim has been approved.

That’s it! If you need help, please open a support ticket and we’ll gladly assist you or answer any questions you may have. You can open a support ticket by clicking on the blue circle in the lower right hand corner of your screen while viewing any page of our website.

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