New Year Wrap-Up

We’re back from our holiday break, and we hope that 2020 is off to a great start for you, your business, and your team. is a project that started several years ago but was given a fresh reboot at the end of 2019, and we have received some great feedback so far. We are welcoming many new subscribers since our last publication in November. For those of you who are new, we typically send an email 1 time per month but take a break in December as we update our directory, prepare for annual voting, and enjoy time with our families. In 2019 we sent emails during the first week of the month, in 2020 we plan to send the email during the last week of the month. We may also send some additional messages to our subscribers about new pages and features we’re building into the website in 2020. Some of these features are:

2020 Roadmap:

  1. We’re building out our directory with pages and links for every podcast in our directory. We’ve built more than 40 pages in the last 8 weeks and we’re excited to share the new look and links. You can see an example of how a podcast will appear on our site here:
  2. Podcast hosts are always looking for guests, so we’re building a podcast “guest list”. This will be a directory of potential guests that podcast hosts can download for free. We’ll send a separate email about this soon.
  3. We’re putting together lists of episodes that are worth listening to about a specific subject. This is a 12-24 month long project but will be a great resource for younger dentists.

At the end of last year, we tallied the votes for our annual “best dental podcast” voting. This year was interested due to the form software we selected. Keeping a long story short, we had to void tens of thousands of votes due to spam. We did the best we could to only count legitimate votes, but it was a time-consuming manual process. We released the CSV files this year to be as transparent as possible. We explained the results here:

You can simply see the winners by visiting the homepage at

For January:

The Maddow Brothers will make you laugh in this episode where they call a few offices and ask some basic questions:

Dentists often talk about production as if it means something. Production does not matter. Mark Costes talks about “Real Numbers” and what matters in dentistry in this short episode:

Russell Kirk does a rundown of some new laws that take effect in 2020:

It’s getting close to tax season. The Dental Guys talk about why you should work with a dental-specific CPA:

Lastly, here’s an episode from The Relentless Dentist about unrealistic expectations, taking risk, and managing stress:

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