The Best Dental Podcasts of 2016

Thank You for Voting.

Voting for your favorite dental podcasts for 2016 is now closed. We have counted the votes and the results are viewable in the bar counter. The four podcasts with the most votes this year were:

  • A Tale of Two Hygienists
  • Dental Realist
  • Dental Hacks
  • The Dentalpreneur with Mark Costes

If you’re a dentist and you love podcasts, you may like my blog – I write about dentistry at

  • A Tale of Two Hygienists
  • Accidental Geniuses
  • Business of Dentistry with Russell Kirk
  • Delivering Wow
  • Dentist Brain Candy
  • Dental Hacks
  • Dental Realist
  • Dentists Implants and Worms
  • Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
  • One Loose Tooth
  • Shared Practices
  • Snarky Dentists
  • Start Your Dental Practice with Jonathan Vanhorn
  • T-Bone Speaks
  • The Dental Guys
  • The Dentalpreneur with Mark Costes
  • The Dr. Chris Griffin Show
  • The Passionate Dentist
  • The Relentless Dentist
  • The Thriving Dentist with Gary Takacs
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