About this Project

Dental podcasts are great resources for all of us to share information. Since the number of dental podcasts has increased significantly over the last few years, it has become difficult to consistently discover the best content. 

The purpose of this project is to create a directory of current and archived dental podcasts that makes it easy to discover new content while also facilitating communication between podcast creators and potentials guests.

We hope that you find this resource useful.


The Team at Proximal Contact, LLC

Embrasure Space a platform we built where we make it possible for any dentist to create her own online continuing education course without any headaches. We manage each course and its participants for our clients, collect payment, generate certificates, and provide customer support so our customers can focus on creating more content.

Every dentists needs a place to practice. Practice Rail is a resource dedicated to connecting owners and associates to employment, partnership, and ownership opportunities. You can think of Practice Rail as a digital classifieds ad site with a robust set of features, plus a electronic magazine.

Student debt affects most young dentists, and we believe they are not getting the information they need to make an informed decision about the costs of dental education before they decide to pursue a career as a general dentist or specialist. This project is our attempt to help young dentists and their families manage their student loans.

One Loose Tooth is a blog for dentists authored by Chance Bodini and a few guests. It is a collection of informal musings of our founder before, during, and after dental school.

Your personal statement is your chance to tell a story about who you are, what obstacles you have overcome, and what you aspire to accomplish. Zipistry.com is a website dedicated to helping applicants to dental school or specialty programs perfect their personal statements.